June 26, 2013

Growing Fears

Ready for a TMI fear?  Since I'm planning on working all the way up to labor, I fear my water will break at the office or worse...in a court hearing.  My last hearing is scheduled for July 8 and until then I have one more scheduled.  So should I bring a towel to sit on?  I mean, how embarrassing if my water breaks during a hearing?  I've asked my attorney friends if their water broke in court but I haven't heard any horror stories yet.  I know it's silly to worry about but I live in a small community...who's going to forget the woman who's water broke in court?  Oy vey.

Blazer: Kohls  /  Dress: Kohls  /  Shoes: Me Too  /  Jewelry: Gifted Necklace, Lorenzo, David Yurman


  1. Your water may not even break! You'd be surprised how common that is. Mine didnt, they had to break it for me.

  2. haha oh no I'd be worried, too! You are such a hard worker for working RIGHT UP until the due date!

  3. haha i hope for your sake that won't happen in court! looking great momma! xo


  4. For most women, the water doesn't break right away. What will likely happen is you'll start getting contractions way before anything else happens :)
    Don't worry! You'll be fine!

  5. Haha...I remember thinking the same thing...luckily, I was at home when it happened. BTW, you look great!!

  6. My water never broke, but I can see why you are a little nervous about that happening. No one will remember it in a bad way I don't think.

  7. You will be fine, but if you start feeling contractions stay away from court. And if it does happen, remember its a natural normal thing so I don't think it would be a big deal.

  8. Awww, don't worry! You'll be fine! Even if you do go into labor during court, how cool would that story be?! You look very pretty in this striped dress! Love it :)

    1. Hmm, that would make a great story down the line after the embarrassment wears off! lol

  9. Teeeheee! You might think about encouraging your water to break! Think of the leverage it will give you in your case! I wouldn't want to be on the other side at this point! ;)

  10. You look gorgeous! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but I also think it would be kinda epic if your water broke in court. ;)

  11. Wow - you are almost there Maria!!! For me, when my water broke - it was not a gush of water (I think that only happens in the movies). Mine felt like I leaked in my undies. I wasn't even sure that my water broke! I worked till the day before I gave birth. I would've gone into work had my water not broken at 5am.

    You will be fine or maybe you will have a funny story to share with us :)


  12. This outfit is so flattering on that baby bump! They had to break mine for both my boys and my only friend who actually had hers break said she felt like she had to go pee really bad and hers broke in the bathroom....maybe you'll feel it before anything happens.

  13. Hi Maria..., mine happened while I was asleep at 4 am. I thought I was having an accident. Since I was a first time mother I called an aunt. She told me... Vete al hospital!! I was totally a newbie. Once I got there they gave me a pad. Sorry guys for the TMI. But after all that happens. You will not care, Because you'll have your beautiful boy! How exciting. I follow you on Instagram SBSGRL03 I am so excited for you. Many prayers & blessings. You are the prettiest mom to be as well. Lucky Lucas 👶

  14. Chic outfit and I love the shoes.

    I have no advice to give you, but good luck nonetheless! ;o}

  15. OMG take care of yourself Maria....you surely look like you're ready to pop anytime! God bless!



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