June 17, 2013

Blue Shades

Have you ever wondered why pregnant women are always cradling their bellies?  I always did.  I would think, ugh, why are they always holding their stomachs?! And now, I'm one of those women.  For me, personally, it's just natural.  He's moving around so my instinct is to hold my stomach and sometimes rub my belly which is even weirder.  Another selfish reason I hold my belly sometimes is to be like, look, there's a baby in there and not that I ate too many hamburgers!  Although, lately, seeing pictures of me holding my belly is almost comical because it looks like I'm trying to smuggle a watermelon under my dress. 

Dress: Target Maternity  /  Sweater: JCP  /  Shoes: MIA  /  Jewelry: Ann Taylor, David Yurman, Pandora  /  Belt: F21


  1. Such an elegant look, dear!
    Have alovely week :)


  2. You look radiant holding your precious bundle!


  3. LOL! I always found it a connection to my baby - but I must admit that cradling it also gave me some extra support and soothed some of the aches!

  4. Gorgeous! You really do look so elegant, great colors on you! You're almost there!

  5. Love the monochromatic blue on you!! So cute as usual! I loved cradling my belly! Its just such a miracle and I wanted to embrace every aspect of it.

  6. You always make me laugh Maria ;) You look radiant! Blue looks beautiful on you!


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