June 24, 2013

36 Weeks Preggo Update

It's been awhile since I've done a bump update and so much has changed!  Since the beginning of June, my symptoms have taken a downward spiral.  So far in this pregnancy, I've been pretty lucky and I definitely should have appreciated my second trimester because the third sucks!  Last Thursday, I woke up with an intense, sharp pain under my right rib.  This is the same spot that the baby loves to push and poke at all day long.  The pain was so bad I could barely move.  After going to the hospital and having a doctor check me, we learned that the baby's kicking and pushing, as well as normal stretching of the belly, made my abdominal muscle or ligament (can't remember which one) tore.  My H jokes that he's going to be an MMA fighter.  It's been feeling better after much rest but I'm still pretty uncomfortable especially because my legs and feet are so swollen.

Lately, I've been craving pampering products and nesting...lots of nesting.  Somehow I've convinced myself that my house is perpetually filthy and must be cleaned every day!  I've basically replaced all my shampoos, styling products, lotions, soaps, new makeup products, etc because I figured I won't get out much after the baby is born.  So now as I type this out I realize I'm neurotic and high maintenance! lol  I'll just blame it on the pregnancy for now :-)  You know the craziest part after all this complaining I've done?  I'm actually going to miss being pregnant!  Yep, I said it.  I'm going to miss having my baby with me 24/7.  Of course I'm more excited to meet him and have him physically in my life but I just don't how else to explain it except that I'll miss being pregnant.  Craziness.

On to the update...

Weight Gain?:  I've gained a total of about 30 pounds.

Maternity Clothes?:  Still wearing maternity bottoms and mostly maternity dresses.

Symptoms?:  As I stated above, my rib and muscle pain is bad and swelling is out of control.  Tests showed that I'm low in iron so I've been doubling up on iron and fiber which makes me a little queasy.

Sleep?:  Sleep is getting a little better although bathroom breaks are frequent.

Do I miss anything?:  Nope.

Movement?:  Holy cow this baby moves!  He punches all the time.  Since he's run out of room, his movements are more of punches than kicks.

Anything making you sick or queasy?:  I still can't stand air fresheners.

Food cravings?:  Butterfingers, sandwiches, gatorade.

Have you started to show?:  YES.

Boy or a Girl?:  Boy!

Best Moment This Week?:  Turning 30 last Tuesday!  I also got to see two of my sisters that live out of town.  I enjoyed showing them around the nursery and being with them because the next time I'll see them, Lucas will be here!  They both were constantly touching my belly and freaking out whenever the baby moved.  Melisa even cried when she was in the nursery and saw his little backpack packed up for the hospital.  Lucas is going to be one spoiled little boy!

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  1. You look fantastic! I hope you're feeling better! I had an intense rib pain too but not what you're describing. You have a strong little guy in there which also means healthy! You're almost at the finish line!

  2. Oh all baby! I think missing being pregnant is WAY normal...has Lucas hiccuped in there yet?

  3. Almost there! Everytime i see ur blog i anticipate an arrival post where i can meet Lucas, i think it will come soon. I cant wait! Take care of yourselves.


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