April 5, 2013

Currently Craving: Seeing Blue

1. Target  /  2. In This Very Room  /  3. Chanel  /  4. Loft  /  5. Tory Burch

Baby fever is in full force and so is the color blue.  Now, I've been trying to buy things for my little boy that aren't blue on purpose, but I can't help but see blue everywhere!  If I wasn't on a shopping ban, I would have pulled the trigger on many of these items...okay, ALL of these items.  The Tory Burch baby bag is too cute (and perfect for a 30th birthday gift from loved ones, hint hint!), I'd love the monogram color necklace in Lucas' initials, the Target dress would be perfect for being pregnant in the summer, loving the bow flats, and Chanel...Chanel.


  1. I have an acrylic monogram necklace and I wear it ALL the time! You should totally get it. Happy Friday!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I agree! I'm eyeing everything cobalt colored lately! Blue is such a beautiful, flattering shade. It always reminds me of summertime by the ocean :)


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