January 16, 2013

13 Week Preggo Update

I love reading bloggers such as Schnelle, Veronika's Blushing, or Perfection Possibilities pregnancy updates so I've decided to do the same and keep track of my pregnancy this way.  I think this will just be a monthly thing and I'll summarize the month instead.  I also loved how Merrick wore the same dress when she did her updates so I'm going to try to remember to do the same.  I'm a copy cater.  I own it :-)

Weight Gain?:  I lost weight when I was sick but I'm pretty sure I've gained.  I'll find out on Friday at our next appointment.

Maternity Clothes?:  I tried to fight this as long as I could but my bump popped VERY early on.  I had to buy maternity bottoms just because yoga pants aren't acceptable at my office nor in court.  How I wish they were...

Symptoms?:  Thankfully, the nausea has gone away but now I have some bad acid reflux.  I had reflux before getting pregnant but it is definitely worse now.  I find that drinking chocolate milk helps it get better.

Sleep?:  Yes and no.  I sleep is spurts like 2 hours here or 3 hours there.  My husband bought me a Snoogle but he seems to use it more than me lol

Do I miss anything?:  Soft cheeses, cold deli meats, sleeping throughout the night, sushi

Movement?:  I sometimes think I feel a heartbeat or movement but I think it's too early for that.

Anything making you sick or queasy?:  Smells!!  Oh my goodness, air fresheners will literally make me sick.  Ahem...mom's air freshener.  The smell of chicken grosses me out too.

Food cravings?:  I mostly have cravings 'of the day' but lately cocoa krispies cereal, tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries, chocolate, and Japanese food.

Have you started to show?:  ABSOLUTELY!  It's crazy how early my belly popped.  Although I now love seeing the bump grow, I thought I would have a couple months to continue wearing my regular clothes but nope.  Belly is out in full force.

Boy or a Girl?:  Don't know yet but we finally decided on names!  The girl name came pretty easy and I love love love it.  The boy name was a little harder but we've finally decided.  So if it's a girl, I'll be calling her baby "O" until she's born or, if it's a boy, he'll be baby "L" :-)

Best Moment This Week?:  We're looking forward to our appointment on Friday and hoping that our little one is still healthy.


  1. Gosh, I haven't been by in a while. I had no idea you were pregnant! Congrats!! You look great in this adorable green dress, and I love how you paired it with red. It's such a good idea to keep track of your pregnancy in this way! Good job borrowing from all these bloggers!

    I wish you the best of luck throughout this journey and I look forward to following your updates.


  2. What a cute striped dress! I really missed sushi when I was pregnant too. Take care!

  3. Ahhh!!! Maria you look beautiful! I finally see the bump:)))! Good luck on your upcoming appt:)!

  4. You look absolutely amazing!!! Congrats again!

    xx amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  5. You look soooo cute! Glad to hear you are doing well!

  6. You look adorable pregnant! They say is you carry your bump high and/or wide it's a girl...don't know if it's true but the tip of my tummy was always super pointy...I had two boys.

  7. You can definitely see the baby bump now! You look gorgeous!

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  8. looking fab girly! that baby bump is too cute! xo


  9. You look gorgeous. The striped dress is so cute.

  10. Maria you look beautiful ;-) Love your baby belly...


  11. You look great! I really love the striped dress with your baby bump!!

  12. You’re so cute with your little bump! And I love that you still look stylish- that dress is super cute! Glad to hear things are going well (minus the lack of sleep, acid reflux, etc.)

  13. Maria, you seriously look so awesome!! Pregnancy looks amazing on you! I love reading your pregnancy updates.

  14. Awww, you look so happy and your skin is literally glowing! I'm jealous ;) I think these updates are great, I've been keeping up with everyone!

  15. Pregnancy suits you well! Love that dress!!

  16. Maria,
    You look adorable!!! That dress looks great on you, the belt and shoes and you really have a beautiful glow. I look forward to following you along this journey!!

  17. OMG you pregnant too? I had no idea and so excited for you!!!!!!!! I'm 25 weeks:)

  18. You are absolutely glowing! Keep up on the updates, they are so fun to read!


  19. You look darling!!!! I love your dress and you wear it so well. And your shoes are FAB!

  20. You are looking great! When i got preggos, my stomach grew immediately, I could not fit into my clothes by the 2nd month. I remember the 1st time I wore maternity jeans - I was thinking...why can't I wear them after pregnancy, they are so comfortable.


  21. i feel your pain with the acid reflux! i chugged tums my entire pregnancy! it was out of control! Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful home remedy for heart burn(1 small capfull in a few ounces of water) but who wants to drink something so disgusting while pregnant???? it also lowers blood pressure ! I had toxemia at the end of my pregnancy and was induced 10 days early and when i came home from the hospital I was still having High BP and tried the apple cider vinegar and it brought it down to normal range OVER NIGHT!!!! i wished i would have done this during my pregnancy like my NM (Nurse Midwife) had recommended..

  22. Cute! I love your dress! I was introduced to your blog when you were featured on Franish's blog last week. Love your style - so classy and cute. I'm excited to see how you dress your cute little bump :)



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