December 7, 2012

Playing it Safe

Nothing too interesting going on with this except that it was comfortable but that's not too interesting either.  Have I stressed enough that I prefer comfortable over anything?  In fact, as soon as I get to my office in the morning, I immediately remove my watch and bracelets.  Some may ask what the point of even wearing them in the first place may be.  Habit, I guess.  I just prefer to be the most comfortable as I can be if I have to be at work all day.  I'm being honest here people...I'll show the good and not so great :-)

Sweater: Ann Taylor  /  Dress: Kohls  /  Shoes: DSW  /  Handbag: Kate Spade


  1. I do the same thing - I can't type with even a ring on my finger (except my wedding ring). I even take off my shoes in my office. I just like to be 100% comfy if I am working on the computer all day.


  2. This look is absolutely adorable! I love it Maria! And I agree with you....comfort over anything:)!

  3. I'm guilty of taking shoes off at mt long as you have cute toes :)Love this outfit it looks really pretty!

  4. I think this look is lovely! That dress is beautiful, and that cardigan keeps it interesting.

  5. Personally, I think this is a really great outfit. I really like the color of the dress paired with the snow leopard print cardigan.


    1. As a matter of fact, it's going on my blog today. :)

  6. Comfort is key.:) I love this look, that dress is beautiful!!

  7. I really love this outfit and would love to wear it myself! I think simple can be really pretty and still stand out! Have a nice weekend :)

  8. I LOVE this dress, what a pretty color and I love the neckline. So cute with this sweater too. And I totally agree.. comfort is key!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Comfort is a must if you don't feel comfortable with what you wear it shows, And then your outfit doesn't translate well.

  10. This is so pretty! I love the rich colors. When you mix cute AND comfortable, you have succeeded in a great outfit :)

  11. You have such a lovely blog! I absolutely love it

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  12. If a leopard cardi is playing it safe, SIGN ME UP. Love this outfit, one of my favorites of yours.

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  13. Lovely! Pretty neckline. I am always wearing a watch unless I'm in the shower or sleeping. I feel naked without one!

  14. This look is perfection! The printed sweater over a purple/oxblood dress is genius! Hope you feel better :)
    Nikki at

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