August 31, 2012

Currently Craving

Gap  / Old Navy  /  Gap  /  Forever 21

J Crew  /  Forever 21  /  Gap  /  Forever 21

Hubby, if you're reading this, some of these items have strangely appeared at our front door in a weird?  It must have been the dog shopping while we're at work... ;-)

August 30, 2012

Over the Moone

I'm guest posting over at Olivia Moone today!  I'd love for you to check out my post and say hi :-)

Dress: H&M  /  Sweater: Kohls  /  Shoes: Sam Edelman 'Trina'  /  Handbag: Coach 'Kristin'  /  Belt: TJ Maxx  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: Target, J Crew, David Yurman, Ebay

August 29, 2012

The Statement Necklace

I'm linking up with Marionberry Style today for the monthly style challenge - the statement necklace.  I own way to many big statement necklaces for my own good.  In fact, most times, I start with the necklace then work my outfit around it.  I love statement necklaces because it can dress up the most dressed down simple blouse and jeans outfit.  I also love that they can be so inexpensive.  I don't like to spend too much on such a necklace because it's not something I can wear every day.  Well, to clarify, I can wear a statement necklace every day just not the same one every day.  Some of my favorite places to pick up these adorable accessories are Forever 21, Francesca's Collection, Baublebar, Ebay, Ann Taylor, and Banana Republic.

Necklace: Ann Taylor  /  Shirt: Loft  /  Sweater: Gap  /  Jeans: Old Navy  /  Shoes: Sam Edelman 'Trina'  /  Handbag: Coach 'Kristin'  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: J Crew, David Yurman

August 28, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

I've shared before my habit of stalking items and waiting for them not only to go on sale but serious sale.  I'm talking 40% off on already 50% off reduced items.  For the longest time, I've been stalking these Daniblack 'Alana' wedges and these Pour La Victoire 'Aeesha' wedges.  Both are the exact style I was going after - pointy, wedge, and nude color.  However, the price point was over I am willing to spend on shoes.  Then one magical day, I stumbled upon the Sole Society 'Kelly' wedge.  It had everything I wanted - pointy, wedge, nude color, AND $49.95 with a $25.00 off first time purchase!  Yep, it was meant to be.  Can I also tell you that they are the most comfortable shoe ever!  I'm considering purchasing more in other colors.

Sweater: Gap  /  Shirt: J Crew  /  Skirt: J Crew 'Citron'  /  Shoes: Sole Society 'Kelly'  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: J Crew, David Yurman, Ebay


August 27, 2012

Polka Dot Luau

I wore this Asos polka dot dress to a luau.  That's right...a luau.  Not luau enough for you?  I wore a lei later on in the evening...I could seriously live in cotton dresses all day long.  This dress is being taken to get altered as it's too long for me but it is so so comfy!  Oh and the jacket, yeah, it's in the 80's here (probably because of Isaac) which means it's chilly...hence, the jacket ;-)  Oh and oh!  It's also a maternity dress...but I'm not pregnant so I sized down.

Dress: Asos {Similar} {Similar}  /  Jacket: Old Navy  /  Handbag: J Crew 'Little Edie'  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: Eve's Addiction, J Crew, David Yurman  /  Belt: Anthropologie


August 24, 2012

Double Stripes

Thank you to those of you who commented on yesterday's post.  Most of you shared similar thoughts and had great suggestions.  I    the blogging community!

Shirts: Old Navy, Forever 21  /  Skirt: JC Penney  /  Shoes: BCBG  /  Sunglasses: Dior     Handbag: Chanel  /  Jewelry: Macy's, J Crew, David Yurman


August 23, 2012

Polished Maxi

Lately, I've been posting more of my weekend outfits because, honestly, if I'm going to court a lot in one week, my outfits start looking all the same.   Keeping track of my outfits through this blog has really helped me see if I'm repetitive and how to reuse things already in my closet.  Before the blog, I was constantly stricken with the "I have nothing to wear" thought and that's when I would hit the stores.  Now, I see how I can use something in a different way without feeling like I already wore it.

I wear my clothes multiple times.  Period.  I wish I could show a brand new outfit every day but that just isn't my real life.  I do buy new clothes here and there but when I buy something I think in my head how many things can I wear this with.  If I can only come up with one outfit, it's not coming home with me.  That's just my two cents on my shopping philosophy.  I have many more but that's for another day :-)

Blazer: Gap  /  Dress: Kohls  /  Handbag: Louis Vuitton  /  Jewelry: Eve's Addiction, C Wonder, Target, J Crew, Vince Camuto, David Yurman  /  Shoes: Target  /  Sunglasses: Chanel


August 22, 2012

Grayscale Dots

It takes a special kind of person to wear long sleeves under a sweater in 90+ weather then plug in a heater at the office.  It also takes a lovely kind of person to set an entire office building at 10 degrees.  There's no in between.

Sweater: Old Navy  /  Shirt: Kohls  /  Skirt: Ann Taylor  /  Shoes: Aldo 'Lillig'  /  Jewelry: Ebay, J Crew, Target, David Yurman  /  Sunglasses: Chanel


August 21, 2012

Giveaway: GlassesUSA

I'm so excited to be hosting my first giveaway!  is generously gifting one Dainty and Decadent reader a $50.00 gift card to purchase any glasses or eyeglasses of their choice! carries a wide range of sunglasses and prescription glasses.  They carry stylish and quality brands such as Tom Ford and Lacoste.  As someone who loves sunglasses and eyeglasses, I appreciate companies that make quality, affordable, and stylish glasses. is currently running great promotions that can be found here!  If you are looking to buy glasses for yourself or know someone who is, I definitely think you should check out and enter this giveaway! Don't know what shape looks good on you?  Try out the virtual mirror below!  Find out below how to enter this awesome giveaway!

Entry Rules:


- Comment below how you follow Dainty and Decadent (any extra entries) and tell me what your favorite sunglasses or eyeglasses shape you like best!

Extra Entries:
* Follow Dainty and Decadent on Twitter
* Follow Dainty and Decadent on Bloglovin
* Post this giveaway on Twitter, your Blog, or Facebook

Last day to enter is Tuesday, August 28, 2012 and a winner will be announced on Thursday, August 30, 2012.

Thank you and good luck!

August 20, 2012

Guest Posting and Giveaway Alert

Sweater: Ann Taylor Outlet  /  Shirt: Loft  /  Jeans: Loft  /  Shoes: Target  /  Handbag: Coach 'Kristin'  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: J Crew, Eve's Addiction, Target, Forever 21, David Yurman

I'm guest posting today over at Schnelle!  I'd love for you to stop by and say hi!

Also, I would LOVE love for you to come visit back here tomorrow because I'm hosting my first giveaway!  Woot woot!  Or as Honey Boo Boo would say, "I holla for a dolla, honey boo boo!"

August 17, 2012

Sail Away

I can't believe it's already mid August.  However, I'm so ready for summer to be over.  I say this but I need to snap out of it...I live in Florida...we will have heat until forever...

Shirt: J Crew  /  Shorts:  J Crew {Similar}  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Handbag: J Crew 'Little Edie'  /  Jewelry: Eve's Addiction, J Crew, David Yurman  /  Shoes: Bandolino

August 16, 2012

Miss Matched

Has anyone ever gotten dressed in the dark?  I have and did today.  I feel like I have two outfits on at once (like the top part should be worn with jeans and the bottom part with something more polished).  By the end of the week, I'm feeling uninspired which is when I just throw on something that somewhat resembles a work appropriate outfit.  Ugh, come on weekend!

Shirt: Old Navy  /  Sweater: Loft  /  Skirt: Ann Taylor  /  Shoes: H&M  /  Handbag: Chanel  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: C Wonder, Eve's Addiction, J Crew, David Yurman

August 15, 2012

Swamp Fire

If you live in the South, especially where I'm from, college football is life.  Umm, my alma mater discovered Tim Tebow, enough said.  Okay, we didn't discover him... Anywho, I started pulling out my game day shirts and realized that I don't really own "cute" game day clothes.  In fact, I kind of dress like a boy...jerseys, game t-shirts...I never really get the girls that wear nice dresses, heels, and lots of jewelry to the games.  On the other hand, I am super sloppy.  Any ideas on dressing on the nicer side without wearing pencil skirts and heels?  By the way, anyone else's J Crew pencil skirts wrinkle up as badly as mine?  I literally just steamed this skirt before heading out too :-(

Sweater: Gap  /  Shirt: Kohls  /  Skirt: J Crew  /  Handbag: Coach 'Kristin'  /  Shoes: MIA  /  Jewelry: Forever 21, J Crew, David Yurman  /  Sunglasses: Chanel

August 14, 2012

Mad {Wo}men

I love television shows that I strictly watch for the fashion.  Mad Men is definitely one of those shows.  I don't actually watch legal shows (with the exception of 'Suits') because it drives me crazy when they do something that you can't actually do in real life.  However, I must admit, I watch waaaayyy too much reality television shows.  One of my new favorite shows has to be the Honey Boo Boo show on TLC.  Please watch it people.  I need this on the air forever...along with Dance Moms and Real Housewives of insert any city.

 Sweater: Loft  /  Dress: Anthropologie  /  Handbag: Louis Vuitton  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: Ann Taylor, J Crew, David Yurman  /  Shoes: MIA

August 13, 2012

Preppy for Fall

That's right, your eyes don't deceive you.  I totally tied a sweater around my waist like it's 1991. And ya know what, as soon as I turned on the radio, Ace of Base's 'I Saw the Sign' was blaring so it was meant to be.
Thank you to everyone that commented and sent emails on my sister's guest post :-) 
Oh and who else is loving the stores stocking up for Fall and Old Navy getting J Crew inspired at a fraction of the cost?  This girl is!

Shirt: Old Navy (GAP has a similar option sold out online) {Similar}  /  Skirt: J Crew {now on sale}   Sweater: Loft  /  Shoes: Aldo  /  Handbag: Gucci (vintage which I stole from my mom!)    Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: Banana Republic {on sale!}J Crew, David Yurman

August 10, 2012

Guest Post: My Baby Sister

Welcome my baby sister, Adriana, to the blog!  While I'm the oldest of the four girls, Adri, is the youngest which can't be easy!  This fashion savvy lil sis is a college student in New York City and interns at one of the big television networks aka I'm jealous.  She periodically will text me outfits and ask "yay" or "nay" and she's always off to work or be somewhere fabulous.  Even though she has grown up to be a gorgeous woman, I will always see and remember her as the little nugget playing nintendo in a large t-shirt.

Dress: Purchased at a London Boutique {Similar}  /  Sandals: Target  /  Necklace: ULA  /  Bangles: Forever 21  /  Lipstick: MAC 'Amplified'

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