July 7, 2012

Fresh Whites

For many many years, I have strayed from owning any kind of white dress or white bottoms because I am a pro at staining my clothes.  Up until this point, the only white dress I owned was my wedding dress.  When I saw this white dress at H&M and these white shorts at J Crew on the same shopping trip I thought, you can do this, Maria, you can wear white and keep it white!  Hopefully, this lady can keep this dress clean because it's such a great summery dress!

Dress: H&M  /  Necklace: J Crew  /  Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs  {Similar}  /  Sandals: Target  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Forever 21, Target


  1. I LOVE your necklace, it goes perfectly with your white dress. I really enjoy your posts, thanks for blogging!

    E x


  2. wow this is amazing! photos are pretty good :)

    visit/follow? :)

  3. The blue necklace and the blue envelope bag look perfect together.
    I would be very happy to have them in my wardrobe.


  4. I'm scared of white too! I'm slowly adding in some white pieces to my wardrobe, and so far no major catastrophes have occurred haha

  5. very cute look - I wore something similar to this last week - the bubble necklace and a white dress -- you look great!
    ps. I'm your newest follower - would love for you to follow back : )


  6. Ha ha, I totally hear you...I won't wear white when I go out for dinner because I ALWAYS spill or splash something on me! White is definitely a great color on you and I LOVE it paired with turquoise. Looks so chic!

    <3 Jenny

  7. I just wore the neon pink version of this dress last night! You look beautiful in the white. I don't own any white clothing either, but it does look so pretty and is the perfect canvas for the necklace!

  8. I love your turquoise necklace!!!

    xoxo, Elle


  9. LOVE this dress, girl! i'm a pro stainer too... but i still love white! :)

    still being [molly]

  10. i am in love with your necklace and the entire look.
    i hope you will wear more white dresses because you do look amazing in it! :)

  11. I love turquoise details and your flat are wonderful

  12. I want a david yurman cable bracelet so bad! I love you in this outfit. Im dying for the jcrew necklace!

  13. Your white dress looks so comfortable and summery! Love David Yurman jewelry... great quality and so classic!

  14. this is such a nice look! I really love how the necklace looks against the dress!

  15. LOVE that necklace! The whole look is adorable!

    Have a great week!


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