July 13, 2012

Blue Oasis

I had been eyeing this Ann Taylor necklace for a long time. I love statement necklaces but I don't like to spend a lot on necklaces that I wouldn't wear everyday unless I absolutely loveitcan'tlivewithoutitcan'tgetitoutofmyhead. Although this necklace qualified for most, I couldn't justify paying full price. When it went on sale to $19.99, my psychotic shopper side came out so I called my local store, you know instead of driving over there since it's only 5 minutes away but that would've been to easy. I called my local store to purchase it over the phone and pick it up after work. Well, the SA was about to process my order when she said that someone saw her pull the necklace out for me, liked it and wanted to buy it. Ummmmm....that's my necklace!

Long story short, I called around to other stores and had one shipped to me. It was worth the hassle :-) Normal Maria wouldn't actually call this a "hassle" but psychotic shopper Maria is pretty powerful...and makes me talk in third person...

Sweater: Gap  /  Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet {Similar}  /  Skirt: Kohls  /  Necklace: Ann Taylor  /  Shoes: MIA  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Forever 21, Alex and Ani

The lovely Stephanie of Pretty Little Things has nominated me for the versatile blogger award.  Thank you!

The rules for accepting this award are as followed:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Link to their site
3. Include the award image in your post
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself
5. Nominate other bloggers for the award - link to their site - let them know they've been nominated!

I'm completely lame and can't think of even one random fact about myself but you can check out my "About" page to learn a little about me.

I nominate these ladies for the award:


  1. Wow! This looks so wonderful! Going to follow you through bloglovin!!!

    The Golden Bun | new post | follow me

  2. It is such a pretty necklace...also love the cobalt blue on you!

  3. Love how you were able to get the necklace! I thought you were wearing a dress but I see that they were two separate pieces. The blue looks fantastic on you! :)

  4. i LOVE that necklace! and oh my golly cobalt is a great color on you! and maria, thank you SO much for the sweet nomination! you are too much, girl. i'm so humbled! :) xoxo

  5. Haha, well I'm glad you finally got your hands on it! I can see why you hunted it down, it's really pretty - and such a great price.

    Very cute outfit, hope you have a great weekend! :)

  6. this is such a great outfit for work! love your necklace!


  7. Thank you so much for thinking of me, you're so sweet! I LOVE that necklace and it was totally worth the hassle. It looks so pretty on you, love that cobalt color! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Every inch an oasis of an outfit there Maria....you rock it!!


  9. congrats on the nomination! i loooove that necklace!! it has such a vintage vibe to it but it is still modern too :D


  10. Wonderful outfit as usual! And that necklace was most definitely worth the "hassle." Thanks so much for the nomination also..it means a lot!


  11. Hi! just found your blog I love it! very classy and sophisticated looks!

    want to follow each other?


  12. Oh, I'm so jealous! I saw that necklace when I was in NYC last week and LOVED it, but it was a little too expensive. Can't believe it went on sale! It's so fabulous!

    Also, congrats on the award! It is much deserved! Thank you so much for the nomination! You are just the sweetest person ever!

    XO Jenny

  13. Love this color combo, and that necklace is gorgeous!


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