June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

My dad is the funniest little tall man I know!  He works very hard and instilled in me work ethic while still having fun.  He's a huge sports fan and made all of us determined Florida Gators and NY Yankees fans!  During his speech at my wedding, he made everyone laugh, cry, laugh, and cry and you can tell my the look on our faces, we had a great time!  He also is the only man in a family of 5 women, 8 if you count the dogs, eek!  Happy Father's Day!

All wedding pictures were taken by the amazing Lindsey Tropf of Pure Photography.


  1. love it!


  2. you look so much like your dad when you were a little girl !
    love this post too much.
    my dad is my knight in shining armor too :)

  3. You and your Dad look so happy together, and you are just stunning in your wedding photos!

    <3 Jenny


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